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Aeternal’s Guide to Synergy


Image of bottles and capsules of Synergy adaptogen

Are you trying to reduce how much caffeine you drink in a day, or perhaps you’re sick of all the anxiety that comes with coffee? Maybe nothing’s working anymore? No matter what you try, you just can’t get any energy. You’re tired, sore, and in need of a long night of sleep, but also have to get through all this work still. What do you do? Especially if your body doesn’t want to make getting to sleep easy.

Let me introduce you to Synergy. Our All Natural Energy Booster.

Utilizing Adaptogenic plants, Synergy provides approx. 4 hours of energy, and can be used to replace caffeine, support rest and recovery, reduce stress, or help you to restore your natural energy levels.



Synergy contains five active ingredients, all derived from plants:


Ashwagandha Root

When it comes to treating Anxiety and Depression, none do it better than Ashwagandha Root, the most popular and one of the most powerful Adaptogenic Plants in Ayurvedic Medicine. Ashwagandha has been proven through Human trials to reduce levels of Cortisol and Blood Sugar, while helping regenerate Axons and Dendrites of Brain Cells. This allows the reconstruction of our Synapses, boosting Memory and Repairing Damage caused by Neurodegenerative Disease and Chronic Stress. Quite often Ashwagandha has been found to be as effective in treating Anxiety and Depression as most Pharmaceutical Drugs, as it allows our bodies to adapt to all forms of stress. Supplementing Ashwagandha will see a reduction in Mental Fatigue and Nervous System Exhaustion, while having improvements in Libido, Fertility, Energy, Stamina, and Sleeping.


Rhodiola Rosea
(3% Rosavins)

The ancient plant Rhodiola Rosea has been used for Thousands of years by Scandinavian Countries as a Traditional Medicine. It is often used as a remedy for Fatigue, Anxiety, Depression, Inflammation, Impotence, Pain, Headaches, and Burnout, while Studies have shown that Rhodiola can also be used to improve Endurance, Fertility, Energy, Memory, Concentration, Alertness, Neurogenesis, and Quality of Sleep. By synthesizing ATP Rhodiola makes a perfect replacement for Caffeine and is ideal for working or studying, all without a crash.

Rhodiola will help prevent Fatigue and will Boost Mental Performance while under conditions of high stress by preventing the breakdown of Monoamine Neurotransmitters such as Serotonin, Dopamine, and Noradrenaline, while also suppressing the production of Cortisol. This process boosts neural communication, which improves mood and enhances cognitive functions such as Reaction Time, Processing, Calculation, Concentration, Motivation, and Memory.


Red Maca Root

The ancient superfood of the Incas, Maca. Used for over two thousand years as it is the sustainable crop which grows at the high altitude of the Andes. Without affecting hormones, Maca has been found to boost immunity and memory, while also treating Sexual Dysfunction, Cancer, Tuberculosis, Anemia, Anxiety, and Depression. Red Maca especially has been found to increase bone density, and may reduce the symptoms of menopause. Most will see an increase to their libido, sexual function, stamina, energy, and overall mood as well.


Ginger Root

Most commonly used as a culinary spice, Ginger, is a root which also has a wide range of health benefits. Often used to relieve digestive issues such as an upset stomach, Ginger will also help those with high blood pressure, and will help fight off heart disease.




CBD provides relief from Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Epilepsy, Nausea, Schizophrenia, Seizures, Stress, and Inflammation. Being one of the most well-known Cannabinoids in Cannabis, CBD binds onto Endocannabinoid receptors, which maintains balance of our Nervous, Limbic, and Immune Systems. Due to the Human Body having a natural Cannabinoid producing system, supplementing CBD replenishes Cannabinoids without our bodies responding to it as a toxin compared to many Pharmaceutical Drugs. All without causing any psychoactive effects. Essentially you won’t get high from CBD.


It is advised to take Synergy with a fatty substance such as coconut or mct oil to aid with absorption. Adding turmeric and black pepper to your meals while taking Ashwagandha is also suggested, as it will be an additional benefit with their anti-inflammatory properties.


Synergy acts as a natural source of food for our mitochondria which produce ATP, or energy. You know, the powerhouse of the cell…  For years we have joked about learning about Mitochondria, but not how to do taxes. Well now here we are, and as I have learned through studying Adaptogenic plants, the Mitochondria really are the powerhouse of the cell. A powerhouse, which within most of us, desperately needs recharging. Feeding our bodies plays a huge role. What you feed your body feeds your mitochondria. Products like caffeine and sugar, among others, are the more typical sources of energy most of us are using today. The problem with caffeine is drinking too much of it tends to cause the deterioration of the protective layering of our brain cells, the myelin sheath, alongside causing headaches and anxiety. Then there’s sugar. Good ol’ sugar, what a perfect world it would be if candy were healthy. We can only wish..

This is where Synergy comes in, by acting as a natural energy source, Synergy not only provides cleaner energy getting you through your day, it also helps recharge your cells, giving you the rest you need the most. Whereas most sources of energy wear us down, Adaptogens do the opposite. One example is Ashwagandha, which also lowers cortisol levels, which means lower stress. More energy, less stress. This is what Synergy provides.


Let’s start with going over Rest and Recovery.

Some people report feeling tired after taking an adaptogenic supplement such as Ashwagandha. This is due to your body being in such a stressful state, that when your cortisol levels went down, your body was now able to get some rest. If this happens don’t fight it. It means your body really needs to sleep. Afterwards you will get to enjoy cleaner, more natural levels of energy. Without any of the jitters, or anxiety caused from other sources of energy.

-It is suggested to take 1 Capsule of Synergy in the morning and 1 in the afternoon, if Rest and Recovery is what you are seeking. Avoid taking it within 8 hours of bedtime.


If you are interested in reducing or completely replacing Caffeine, then Synergy can be a natural alternative, with a single serving providing 4 hours of energy. One serving usually replaces a single cup of coffee.

Personally I went from drinking 3 medium cups of coffee a day, at least. To 2 small cups of tea using Synergy. It works great either in the morning, or later in the day for a quick booster to get through the rest of your day .

-If replacing or reducing Caffeine is what you seek, then start with 1 Capsule when you usually drink tea or coffee. If you feel you need more energy try a second capsule, but start with 1 first. Taking 2 right away can be overwhelming for some people, and so can taking Synergy alongside Caffeine, especially if you are new to supplementing Adaptogens.


Either way you choose to use Synergy, you will see a reduction of your stress levels. Most people report having an easier time getting through their day. Stressful events which normally would have ruined their day, were now easy to deal with. This is due to your brain not being overwhelmed from cortisol. Everyday stressors should be less likely to trigger fight or flight responses, allowing you to deal with the situation appropriately.


Now lets say you’re looking for something to help Mind, Body, and Soul. Maybe you’re looking for some creative inspiration, or something to help you focus? On top of wanting to reduce anxiety, yet still have energy to get through your day. This is where our SyMergy Microdose Kit comes into play. We combine both Microdosing and supplementing Adpatogens so you can recharge on all levels. Mind, Body, and Soul.

See this link about Microdosing.

Microdosing SyMergy will boost your levels of Neurogenesis, or help improve your brain’s health, while supplementing Synergy will recharge your energy levels, and reduce your anxiety. It is the best option for the most complete package.

-The best way to use this kit is a 2:1 cycle. For 2 days you take Synergy All Natural Energy Booster, then on every third day you take SyMergy Microdose. Continue this cycle for 1 month. Use the amounts you usually would up above for Synergy, and start with 1 Capsule of SyMergy.


Over all the ingredients in Synergy are reported to be safe and are well tested. Please see the studies below, or use google scholar to see for yourself. Ashwagandha and Rhodiola are the two most well tested and most popular adaptogens on the market. Either one is a great place to start for almost anyone. One area of concern is for those who have issues with hyperthyroidism. Synergy can make the issue worse. The same is for those who have auto-immune disorders. Due to Adaptogens’ natural ability to improve our immune systems, this can make auto-immune disorders worse. Please consult your Doctor before trying any Adaptogenic supplement, including Synergy or SyMergy.


Quick Guide:

Rest and Recovery: 1 in the morning, and 1 in the afternoon.

Replacing Caffeine: Start with 1. Work your way up to 2.

MD Kit: 2 days of Synergy, followed by every 3rd day taking SyMergy. Start with 1.



Ashwagandha found to reduce stress and anxiety in Adults.


Ashwagandha found to increase testosterone by 15%.,including%20testosterone)%20%5B6%5D.


Rhodiola can be used to manage Stress.


Rhodiola not only helps fight stress, but can also help treat age-related disorders. (Partial book on Rhodiola for free)

Are Nootropics the Answer for Neuro-Degenerative Diseases?

Dementia, the unfortunate deterioration of one’s brain. Across the World, rates of dementia are increasing with rising life expectancy. Right now, 1 out of every 14 people aged 65 or older are suffering and that number increases to 1 in 6 for those over 80. The worst part, we don’t have a cure. Currently Pharmaceutical options only cover the symptoms, meaning most continue to suffer even after diagnosis. Luckily we’re also in the age of rediscovery, as cultures from all across the World seem to already have the answer. That is, plants. These beneficial plants which have been used for thousands of years, may be what we need to solve the Dementia crisis. These plants in today’s World, are now known as Nootropics, and Nootropics have been found to not only protect against diseases such as Dementia, they have also been found to improve memory, concentration, and mood in Dementia patients. All without any nasty side effects, such as what Patients have to deal with when using Pharmaceutical drugs. So let’s dive in, starting with what causes Dementia in the first place?

Well according to the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, there is a long list of factors all of which play a role in causing one’s brain to start deteriorating. Top of that list is our lifestyle. Smoking, drinking alcohol, and eating crappy food all contribute, so does social isolation, skipping the gym, and not using one’s brain, like someone who only watches the news all day. Other factors involve the environment around you such as the level of air pollution, and your genetics. Some of us are more predisposed than others, unfortunately.

Quite often symptoms don’t appear until the disease has had quite a bit of time to do some damage. Usually it takes 20 years before dementia is noticed.  Not only does it take 20 years to notice, but our current selection of options for treatment only covers symptoms. Pharmaceutical drugs don’t actually stop the deterioration. They can only help with comfort, and in the usual case these drugs cause unwanted side effects. This can make compliance difficult. Patients often refuse to take their medications not wanting to go through the side effects. If only there was a better option.

Thankfully we are in the age of rediscovery. For thousands of years, cultures all around the world have been using plants in what we call today, traditional medicine. The particular plants used for brain health are also referred to as Nootropics. Now nootropics have been the focus of study for the last decade despite already being in use all around the World. And the best part is, Research has proven that they actually work. It seems the days of only treating symptoms may be over. Let’s look at what the research has to say.

Up first, we have a study done on one of the most popular Nootropics on the market. Lion’s Mane mushroom. A wonderful Nootropic, which is a great way to help with those long nights of studying, or to help repair brain damage. Lion’s Mane works by containing a pair of proteins which our bodies use to promote Neurogenesis, which is the process of creating new nerve cells. Using a double blind model with placebos, a study was conducted using 50-80 year olds who were all diagnosed with cognitive impairment. The study found taking Lion’s Mane three times a day showed remarkable improvements in their cognitive abilities. With the one downside being that once they stopped taking Lion’s Mane for 4 weeks, the improvements began to diminish, thus anyone using Lion’s Mane will likely have to continue using it. Currently, Lion’s Mane is a strong contender for a Neuro-protective treatment, and is being considered for treatment for Dementia, although it is stated that more research is required before they can be conclusive. One of the best things about Lion’s Mane is the lack of side effects. The only thing you have to worry about is if you’re allergic to mushrooms, giving Lion’s Mane a serious advantage over Pharmaceutical drugs. Source.

Another option being studied is Psilocybin, another mushroom although this one is psychoactive thus it won’t be for everyone. Again due to Psilocybin’s ability to promote Neurogenesis, improve Neuroplasticity, and reduce Neural Inflammation, it is being looked at as a possible treatment for Dementia, especially with Microdosing. So far the research is looking positive, although it is still early. The best part of Psilocybin is that unlike Lion’s Mane the benefits tend to last longer with 6 months of benefits after one month of usage being the typical minimum. Source.

Having Microdosed many times myself, I can say I certainly feel massive improvements to my brain’s functioning, thus I am closely paying attention to the research as it comes out. I truly believe Psilocybin is going to be the best option for people suffering as we study this magic plant more in depth. Microdosing makes it easy too. Now you don’t have to trip out to receive the benefits. The only concern I can see for the elderly is panicking if they forgot what they took, thus Psilocybin treatment will have to be monitored.

Here’s a link to our Article on Microdosing if you’d like more information.


Those aren’t the only options either. There are many plants which can help your brain’s health and wellbeing. Two others are Ashwagandha Root, and Ginseng.

Ashwagandha helps by reducing cortisol levels. Stress tends to be a major factor in our brain’s health, and high levels of cortisol activity can actually cause the brain to shrink, thus by taking Ashwagandha you will be reducing inflammation in your brain, effectively promoting Neurogenesis. This makes Ashwagandha an excellent choice for treating Dementia, which may not only promote neuron growth but will also tackle the symptoms from neural degradation such as memory impairment, concentration, and the ability to learn. Source. Source.

Ginseng isn’t for everyone but it can help by improving concentration and stimulation just like caffeine. Only with ginseng you won’t have the deterioration of the protective layering of your brain cells, that is the myelin sheath, which happens when you drink too much coffee. You just have to be able to handle having energy all day long. In fact ginseng helps to improve the health of your mitochondria giving you healthier levels of energy making it easier to live a healthier lifestyle. It just tends to last for 8 to 12 hours, and compounds with continued usage. Source.

So there we have it. At our present time with the ever increasing rate of Dementia cases caused by an increasing age of life expectancy, it may seem we are stuck with this problem, especially if current treatments only cover symptoms. Luckily it seems plants may be our salvation. Not only can they help, there are options. Maybe Psilocybin will help regenerate one person’s brain, while Ginseng can help another live a more active lifestyle. The one thing all the researchers say again and again within these studies is early treatment is best. Not just the best, but absolutely necessary. Prevention is the true solution. It is best to start living a healthier lifestyle now, before the brain starts to deteriorate. That being said, they all say it is never too late. Even once the brain has begun to deteriorate there are options. Plants can help alleviate the symptoms and can help repair the damage, improving the lives of those suffering. Quite frankly, to me, the Future looks bright. As we move forward utilizing these plants which have been in use for thousands of years, diseases such as Dementia might only be known to the history books. We could literally eradicate Cognitive Decline, if one chooses to use the plants available. Personally I love Nootropics. I know they work. My life has only improved since my journey into discovering the magic these plants have to offer began. Thus I leave you with some wise words I’m sure you have heard before,

Knowledge is Power,

And the thing about knowledge is that if your brain isn’t functioning right, it is useless, so start today. Take time to learn how you can improve the health of yours or maybe a loved one’s brain. It will change your life. I can guarantee it.


Before taking any new supplements or herbs always consult your Doctor for a personal evaluation.


Thank you for reading, if you have any questions please feel free to message us either through the website or through social media. We are here to help.


Kenneth J. Good.

Aeternal Supplements.